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New Year, new books and much more

To say that it has been an interesting beginning to the New Year is an understatement. Our youngest granddaughter, resident of the back bedroom, Natalie, turned 16 on January 2 (yesterday). She had lunch out with the new college grad and hubby and me. Then a haircut and some post Christmas shopping with her gift cards and $$$ from her aunts. Today we went for more shopping. Now she is happily playing her new professional flute. Lots of scales so far as she gets used to having a new instrument. She really has come a long way since those early screechy days as she was first learning the flute. As a sophomore, she is one of the few underclassmen in the symphonic band. She did well in regional competition and has earned her letter already. Not a day of vacation went by without practice. She did not take her flute to San Antonio but did buy a tin flute and practiced scales on it instead. Dedicated kid. It shows.

I did manage to squeeze in a book this morning since Scout decided we need to get up earlier in 2009 (and he happily naps away the rest of the day once he gets his snacks and adoration).

Slim and unassuming in cover, SOMEBODY by Nancy Springer (Holiday House, March 2009) tells the story of Sherica, a young girl who has moved with her father and brother from town to town. DIfferent schools, different names, hair colors: she knows they must be on the run for some reason. And then one day she gathers the nerve to go online and search for information about her past. It is there she discovers that her mother has been searching for her for years ever since her father kidnapped Sherica and her brother. How can Sherica reconcile this story with the ones her father has told her? Who is she, really? And what should she do now?
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