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back in lovely San Antonio

Hubby, the residents of the back bedroom, newly minted college grad and her fiance and I are in San Antonio for a short vacation before it is time to go back to work and school. On the drive over, we listened to this audio from Tantor. It has a 2006 copyright but since the movie is just being released, the audio is being re-released.

I adored F. Scott Fitzgerald as an undergrad English major but I must admit his short stories never came up in any of the lit classes I took (and I took more than I needed just for fun). He is an author who is absolutely brilliant in audio format. It emphasizes his wordsmithing, his incredibly wrought similes and metaphors. I was gasping at several points in the 4 stories in this collection.

I will be eager to see how the movie handles the "Benjamin Button" story with Brad Pitt (who does not fit the image in my head at all). I suspect it will be a bit more fleshed out and perhaps take some different directions. In "A Diamond as Big as the Ritz," Fitzgerald proves his mettle as a writer not only of satire but of fantasy as well. Two other stories round out this terrific audiobook. I really think this would be useful for teachers who want to introduce high school students to the work of Fitzgerald in an accessible manner.
Tags: audiobooks, classics, san antonio
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