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Needed to get out this morning and run some errands. Seemed like a good idea to pick up cleaning so I would have something nice to wear tomorrow as I watch Cali graduate from college (and with a 4.0 this semester) and then celebrate with family at lunch. Also had to pick up hubby's Christmas gift (he picked it out) and some things to make candy with the naked reader next week. Lots of time in the car meant I had the chance to finish listening to Elise Broach's MASTERPIECE. I loved this audio about Marvin, the artistic beetle who creates perfect copies of a Durer masterpiece to help foil some art thieves. Of course, the people at the art gallery believe the masterpieces are being created not by Marvin but by his human friend, James. Now the two of them are at the center of an art theft that threatens their lives. The narrator does a terrific job with pacing and character development. I found myself thinking of THE BORROWERS and CHASING VERMEER and SHOEBAG and other books about art and animals and such. I think this is a book that, in audio, might appeal to even older readers than the text itself. I need to pick out the audiobooks for our trip over to San Antonio at the end of next week. So many are out there and I have been remiss in listening as much as usual due to all these freaking health problems. Other than feeling as though someone has used me as a pincushion (hematomas galore from all the needles) and that Brice Lee's spirit comes in the night and does roundhouse kicks to my kidneys, I am feeling almost back to normal. Watch out!
Tags: animals, art, masterpiece
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