professornana (professornana) wrote,

smile meme

Tagged by Mary, here are five things that make.made me smile:

1. Scout. Never a day goes by that he does not do something to make me smile and laugh (also yell, but that is Scout's charm).

2. Books. Even in the midst of a harrowing experience, books can lighten the load.

3. The adventures of Lisa Yee's mascot, friend, traveling companion whose name is near and dear to me as I recover from kidney stones.

4. Rocky, Scout's much older sister cat. She has only one fang left (long story) and when she sleeps next to me, she drools from the gap. She just climbed down from her hiding place (only way she can nap when Scout is awake).

5. Seeing "smoke on the water" this morning as we left the house. I love living with a lake view.

Who to tag? Anyone who wants to do this. I have been too loopy to notice who might need a smile today.
Tags: smile meme
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