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Well, back home from the second kidney stone surgery with good news (finally) that the stone was lasered and removed. Finished this book this morning: MAGIC THIEF: LOST. This is book 2 in the series from Sarah Prineas (HarperCollins, 2009). No cover to show you, but a warning that the cover and the interior illustrations skew this to tween readers. However, I think older readers will appreciate the adventures of Conn in his attempt to find his way into the world of magic and save his home and friends in the process. Conn lost his locus magilicus (magic stone) while solving the troubles in Book One. He is using pyrotechnics in the meantime to develop his magic. This does, of course, lead to some complications. Conn is expelled from Wellmet and must undertake a journey to find out why the magic wants him to leave his own home and his mentor, Nevery. Short chapters with plenty of action for the guys and strong female characters for the girls mean wide appeal. Booktalk this one and it should find a wide audience.

More later once I feel less loopy.
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