professornana (professornana) wrote,

kernel of an idea

Up at the office for a few hours to check mail and gather up what I need to have home during the break. Feeling almost normal (huh, whatever that is for me) now that all the drugs have worn off. See urologist this afternoon for consult about next steps. In the meantime, here is a lovely picture book alll about writing.

Henrietta loves books. Fortunately, she has a friendly librarian in town who understands her interest and provides lots of books for Henrietta to read. One day, Henrietta decides to try her hand (er, claw? foot?) at writing a book of her own. She reads books about how to write and comes up with the story of Maxine, a chicken challenged by a wolf. She is rejected soundly, but decides to self publish. Corn Book reviews the book (not nicely either) but Henrietta learns that there is an audience that appreciates her writing. Funny, yes. But Henrietta's rules for writing are good ones to share with kids.
Tags: picture books, writing
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