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Houston ppt Part One

A small group of teachers and librarians gathered for a workshop on new books and other related stuff in Houston today. Thanks to Tanya Tullous for inviting me to come. I love this part of my work: getting to talk about books and reading all day long. The next several entries, then, are pieces of the Power Point I used. I used to take offense when workshop folks asked for a copy of the ppt. But, you know, it is easier to flip through the slides after the workshop and have the covers there to remind you of the books you wanted to read or order or both. I still think I could make a killing if I had the books for sale out of the back of my car at the end of the day (grin).

Region Iv Part One

From: ProfessorNana,
36 minutes ago

Region Iv Part One
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Houston PPT Part One

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