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post Thanksgiving thoughts

We had a lovely brunch for Thanksgiving. It became a tradition for my family because I am always way too tired after NCTE and ALAN to even think of shopping let alone cooking. Then, to counteract a nap, we headed to the movies to see TWILIGHT. Painful, that was. The residents of the back room loved it, of course. The grown ups had even more heartburn after viewing a movie that failed to live up to the hype or to the book.

Finally finished BREAKING DAWN in audio as well, rounding out my vampire weekend. I had read the other books; this was the first one I opted for in audio format. Perhaps I would have liked it more in text? Not sure. I did think it went on a tad too long. I did not need all the details of the pregnancy at all. I enjoyed the complication of having a child who is not totally human or vampire and thought Bella's coming into her own powers exciting plot points. In audio, I thought the narrator who did Bella's portions missed some opportunities to make it a more interesting listening experience. Jacob's narration had better pacing and voicing. I think perhaps I have my own voices in my head from reading the first three books and Bella's sounded different inside my head. It is something I have been noodling about for my next VOYA column, too.

Back to some reading. I hope to find time the next couple of days to attack the stack from ALAN. Great workshop, Thunderchikin!

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