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25 November 2008 @ 08:28 am
greetings from ALAN Day 2  
I was so tired last night and failed to post about Day 1 of the ALAN workshop. So, let me begin with the opening session this morning. Laurie Halse Anderson (yes, that one, our own LJer) is up on the podium now reading a poem to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SPEAK. They have been set up outside the conference room taping people talking about SPEAK and how it has affected them and the readers they know. She is rocking the joint.

Now, about yesterday. After I got to give the keynote, Tobin Anderson delivered the most intelligent, incredible, riveting speech ever. I am so happy that it will be published in the ALAN Review so I have a chance to read it and think at the same time. Jinny Wolff spoke eloquently about innovation, something she knows a great deal about, of course. Panels with Rene Saldana, Walter Mayes, Lauren Myracle, Matt de la Pena, Catherine Murdock, Rick Riordan, Gail Giles, Ann Dee Ellis, and Nancy Werlin were integrated with speeches by John Green (made of awesome) and Joan Bauer (passion personified) and finally David Lubar who spoke rapid fire with tons of jokes (surprised???).

So, back to listening to Laurie. More after I recover from this wonderful trip.

Here is a photo of Scout enjoying a FedEx box.

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