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list from the ALAN keynote

Several people asked me to post the final list from my speech this morning at the ALAN workshop. So, here it is:


Daniel Pennac’s Better than Life offered a wonderful reader bill of rights some years ago. Recently, I saw a blog posting with a reluctant reader’s bill of rights. So, the logical conclusion for me, of course, was to see if I could come up with a YA reader’s bill of rights. See what you think:

YA Reader’s Bill of Rights

1. Right to read YAL at any age
2. Right to read extensively instead of intensively
3. Right to demand changes in the literary canon for the 21st century
4. Right to read with their ears
5. Right to see the movie or play instead of reading the book
6. Right to read books that disturb them and especially their parents
7. Right to have access to books at school and at home
8. Right to read books with lots of pictures in them
9. Right to refuse to read a proscribed book
10. Right to demand a redefinition of what it means to read
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