professornana (professornana) wrote,

everything is (not) fine

I am having dinner tonight with Ann Dee Ellis. I adored her first book, THIS IS WHAT I DID. I spent this afternoon reading EVERYTING IS FINE. Her latest due out in March of 2009 from Little Brown is a novel in verse about Mazzy. Mazzy is a fairly typical teen who has a crush of sorts on Cody, the boy next door. She stuffs her bra with oranges to make her boobs bigger. But, there is something darker going on in Mazzy's life. Her father is off working for ESPN as a broadcaster. Her mother is in bed, most of the time curled into a ball and unresponsive. Little by little, agonizingly, readers learn what has happened to leave Mazzy alone to deal with things well beyond her abilities. It is a story that you will not soon forget. I refuse to tell you more. You have to experience this for yourself.
Tags: novels in verse, ya books

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