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NCTE update

Let's see, what day is this anyway? Yes, Saturday. OK. The day began at 5:30 so we could make the ALAN Breakfast at 7 am at the Marriott. I gulped down some food after lots of hugs from ALAN friends and Sharon Creech (love that author). Rushed to the convention center to do an audio panel with pals Sylvia Vardell and Rose Brock. We had a very small group who were more than happy to cart off more than 100 free audiobooks (thanks to Listening Library and Cheryl Herman). Then, it was time to chair a session with Lois Buckman and Suzanne Metcalfe, librarians extraordinnaire. I learned new stuff as I always do when I listen to these two ladies talk. From there, I hotfooted it to do the intro for Greg Mortenson (THREE CUPS OF TEA). The hall was packed for this incredible man. I left the session feeling uplifted. Finally, it was time to tour exhibits. Yummy ARCs and tons of terrific authors: John Green, Terry Trueman, David Gill (hey thunderchikin), Sean Beaudoin, and too many others. Now I am catching up on email and grading before heading off to dinner.

Last night's dinner, BTW, with the lovely ladies of Random House (hi Adrienne and Lisa) was fabulous. I had the great treat of sitting with Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart and had a wonderful time listening to their stories of road trips here in the states.

So, friends, I need to go kick back and see what my students are doing online. I hope to have the chance to do an update tomorrow, too.
Tags: authors, dinners, exhibits, ncte
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