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a couple of new books for children

I had a moment or two in the office to glance at a couple of new picture books and thought I would share them before heading home to begin preparing for the trip to NCTE in a couple of days.

Okay, now I want some donuts to eat. Here is a cautionary tale about two rival chefs who compete for business at their respective donut shops. Before long, each has lost touch with the true product and customers become fewer and fewer. Ultimately, it is a young girl (ooo! an archetype?) who reminds one chef of his true purpose. Comical illustrations and a rollicking couplet text add to the bouncy good humor. And be sure to read ARNIE THE DONUT if you have not already had that experience as I think the two together would make for an interesting story time.

Charro Claus is Santa's cousin. In order for Santa to deliver all the presents along the Rio Grande, he enlists the help of his cousin who comes dressed as a charro complete with sparkly suit and guitar. With the assistance of his nephew, The Tejas Kid, Christmas is realized for all the children living along the border between Texas and Mexico. While this will have more interest down here, it is a great addition to a Christmas collection that would include HOW MURRAY SAVED CHRISTMAS and AUNTIE CLAUS.
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