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16 November 2008 @ 02:50 pm
deadlines looming  
Despite another nasty cold, I did manage to complete two deadlined tasks this weekend. Now it is on to the other three that are fast approaching. Of course, having NCTE fall in the middle of it all complicates matters a tad.

Thankfully, one of the tasks was to complete a review for Linda Benson, the overworked and much appreciated associate editor of VOYA. CYBERMAGE is the third in the Worldweavers saga by Alma Alexander (Eos/HarperCollins, March 2009). Thea and her friends at the Wandless Academy face another year at school and, of course, another unexpected adventure as each begins to discover her or his talents in a world that values magic of only one sort. Thea, though, is an Elemental mage, one who can control more than one element, a rare magic indeed. When the FBM, Federal Bureau of Magic, discovers a strange cube thought to have once belonged to Nikola Tesla, Thea and her friends are pressed into service. Once they have opened the cube, the new mystery presents itself in all of its full blown complications.

First and foremost, these stories are about outcasts who come together to form their own family of sorts. While each book ties to the previous adventures, each book can also be read as a stand alone. The emphasis on the two ends of the magic spectrum, so to speak, the magic of the First World of the ancients along with the magic accomplished by computers, ensures these stories are not Harry Potter clones. Instead, they are thoughtful explorations of the range of fantasy.
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