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it's flying time again

For someone who used to be a white-knuckled passenger, I have come a long way. Now I read and enjoy the solitude of the plane ride from Houston to Pittsburgh. I had the good luck of hitching a ride from the Pittsburgh airport with my pal and colleague Kylene Beers. We took a rather circuitous route due to late afternoon rush hour and so had time to plan some mischief as only the two of us can. If you have not read this brilliant woman's writing, stop reading this and go get WHEN KIDS CAN'T READ, WHAT TEACHERS CAN DO or any issue of VOICES FROM THE MIDDLE (the NCTE middle level journal) for the past several years. Kylene and I have been friends for years, but it generally takes a trip like this for us to have time to do more than IM in the middle of the night.

BTW, guess I should talk about what I read on the trip up, huh? I packed 5 books and the one closest to the top of the heap was THE PENDERWICKS by Jeanne Birdsall. Not YA, more of a perfect chick book for intermediate girls, it is a NBA finalist and on next year's Texas Bluebonnet Master List. So, I killed two birds with one stone. This was a totally perfect read, the story of a lazy summer spent with the Penderwick sisters: Batty (who wears butterfly wings except when she sleeps), Jane, Skye, and Rosalind. They will spend this summer in the cottage on the Arundel estate. There they will make new friends with Jeffrey and Cagney, run into the terrifying Mrs. Tifton and her dreaded boyfriend Dexter Dupree, and find out that they possess a resilience they did not know of before. It is rather a quiet, introspective book, and I appreciated that the point of view shifted from one sister to another. While my own summers growing up were not nearly so idyllic, I did indeed have the same love/hate relationship with my own three sisters, and so I identified with Rosalind and her sibs.

Now, off to complete SUMMER'S END which I began weeks ago but left in my suitcase. More later from the NCTE conference............
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