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Coming to an end and saying goodbye

Virginia Euwer Wolff created an incredible character and story in MAKE LEMONADE many years ago. I was not alone in my love for LaVaughn and her story. Jolly, Jilly, Jeremy. They are all back in the stunning conclusion to the trilogy that gave us TRUE BELIEVER (A Printz Honor Medalist) with THIS FULL HOUSE (HarperCollins, February 2009). Some time has elapsed since I last had the chance to spend time with LaVaughn. After the first page, it was like meeting an old friend unexpectedly and spending time catching up at a dizzying pace.

LaVaughn is still caring for Jilly and Jeremy as Jolly studies for her GED. She still dreams of college, and now has the chance to enter into a special program for girls in the sciences. Suddenly she is sitting in an auditorium listening to actual doctors lecture about medicine. A laptop computer is hers to help with assignments. Could life get much better? Sure enough, there are some rough spots on the road, things LaVaughn cannot even begin to predict. They cause her to question herself and her motives.

What I loved about the previous two books is the incredible rhythm of the language. Wolff is a master wordsmith. Each word is precious and purposeful and important to the story being told. No detail is present that does not possess layers of meaning throughout the book. Not one single character is without flaws or redeeming qualities either. This places some demands on the reader to carefully consider actions and consequences. Like a stone slipped into a quiet lake, there are still ripples. Nothing is tsunami-like; there are no waves that threaten to engulf and destroy. But there are still those ripples that change the surface of the water and can distort a reflection. And so it is with LaVaughn and those she loves.

I must admit that, while I think all of the characters will be just fine, I would love to hear more of their stories. It is always tough to bid adieu to those we have come to love and admire and care about.
Tags: trilogy, virginia euwer wolff, ya books
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