professornana (professornana) wrote,

Stone Cold Rabbit

Meet Stone Rabbit, the "hero", mostly a reluctant one, of a new GN series for younger readers from Random House. In the first installment, Stone Rabbit falls through a portal in his bathroom floor and into an adventure battling prehistoric creatures who all seem to want to eat him.

And here is book #2:

in which the aforementioned Stone Rabbit takes off on a sea adventure worthy of Johnny Depp. It all begins with Stone Rabbit taking a cursed peg leg to replace a broken leg on his coffee table.

What I love in both books is the crazy fast pace and the content scattered here and there to amuse older (much older) readers.

On a connected note, I received today a book on Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean which hubby quickly claimed. And now, some rest from the YALSA Symposium (see Lubar's post since he was on opposite the session I did with Rosemary) before doing final preps for NCTE and ALAN.
Tags: graphic novels
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