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greetins' from Nashville

Well, at least it is not Opryland, but here I am in Nashville again. This time for the YALSA Institute. I did not do the preconference today on graphic novels as I wanted time to do some other pressing work. I also found time to read this:

Loved it, loved it, loved it. And that is not an easy thing to say about a book that makes you bawl like a baby, either. WOULD YOU has much to recommend it to readers. I loved the set-up of the book: sections for each of the days of the week that this novel spans; short chapters with interesting titles a la A CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT. But most of all, I loved the raw realism, the emotions that simmer just under the surface (and surface/surfaces plays an important role in this novel, too), and the flesh and bone characters who come in and out of the story almost through a revolving door but never seeming to be out of place when they arrive and depart.

Nat and her sister, Claire, have been close. Now that Claire is getting ready to head off for college, Nat is beginning to feel some pangs about losing their close contact. Suddenly, everything changes as Claire is struck by a car. In the hospital in a coma, Claire is not the same person she was before the accident. Nat has to figure out how to be with the person in the bed, the not-quite Claire.

Jocelyn hits all the right notes, not something simple in this story line.
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