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GN go crazy

I am beginning to work on a guide for using graphic novels with younger readers. So, the lovely and talented Lisa Nadel sent me some of the new ones coming out in 2009. And there it was: LUNCH LADY, a new series of GNs from Jarrett Krosoczka. I adore seeing the Lunch Lady and her assistant Betty come up with new gadgets and solve mysteries and fight crime all within the walls of a school. The humor is at so many different levels. There is the flat out physical humor, the language play and a whole level of humor for the grown ups. That is the key, I think. Always have something for all readers to connect to in the books, especially in funny books. In any event, here is the first one in the series:

An unpopular teacher creates some cyborgs so he can win Teacher of the Year (see what I mean about something there for the grown ups?) only to be foiled by the Lunch Lady and her sidekick. Three erstwhile students are sworn to secrecy once they learn the identity of the Lunch Lady. Future entries include some evil librarians, too. Lots of good fun here.
Tags: graphic novels
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