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Orca Soundings

So, Linda Benson sent me 4 of the latest Orca Soundings books to review. Since my husband drove me out of the bedroom at 4 am with his snoring, I decided that I would tackle some of them. In an hour, I had read and written the review of two of them. They literally take about 30 minutes to read (less when you skim which I ended up doing by the second one). So, I see the appeal to struggling readers. They are quick and rather predictable and easy to read. However, they are not the most riveting, well-written books out there. I hope educators are opening doors with these books and then quickly guiding kids to better ones. I was able to come up with connecting books readily for them and wonder if others could do the same? In any event, I am feeling rather smug about reading so many books in such little time and think struggling readers might just feel the same. So, I finished BREATHLESS (pudgy girl nearly drowns while diving since she is also dieting) and YELLOW LINE (young teen brings peace between the white and First Nations groups) and have HOME INVASION (hmmmm, what could that be about?) and SNITCH (need another clue?) to go.
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