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snow snow snow snow snow

In an effort to ensure I have read all the books by the authors at our conference this weekend (Appelt, Small, Jones, and Green), I took LET IT SNOW along with me this morning as I headed to the surgery center for another procedure on my neck. These three interrelated stories (well, novellas) are a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. It also proves that each is adept in writing shorter fiction as well. Green's piece is about the hilarious antics of three friends to get to the local Waffle House where a train full of cheerleaders have been stranded on Christmas (the story about how they get there and what happens later are the subjects of the stories of Johnson and Myracle respectively). Tobin and his pals DJ and the Duke head off in the blinding blizzard with Twister so that they can join in the reveling sure to take place at the Waffle House. Weather, competing carloads of other guys headed to Shangri-la (aka Waffle House), and a surprise twist or two make for a story that is sweet without being saccharine and funny without being pointed. Green has just the right touch as do his two compadres. Hopefully, this novel will lead students to longer works by each author as well.

Tags: christmas, john green, ya books
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