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I read this book when Gail Giles mentioned her enthusiasm for it on a listserv. Of course, a Kevin Brooks' novel does not need much recommendation as far as this reader is concerned. I had the book in one of my To Read stacks. So, I threw it into the suitcase this week and spent too much time in the evening reading rather than sleeping.

What was supposed to be an end of summer get together of some old friends turns tragic in this taut mystery. Pete, Nicole, Eric, Pauly and Raymond. Just a trip to the old hide out and then on to the fair. Some booze, some fun. However, each of the five carry more with them than old feelings for their friends. And on that fateful night, Raymond disappears. So does Stella, not a friend but someone all 5 knew well, very well once naked photos of her showed up online. Eric, Nic, and Pauly all seem to have something to hide when Pete asks them about Raymond's whereabouts. When Stella's body is found, Raymond goes from missing person to chief suspect. And Pete is certainly being questioned by more than his policeman father.

Brooks' latest offering for teens will not disappoint his fans who have come to appreciate the tension he can create in a story, the characters (both positive and negative) that seem to live off the pages of the book, and the all-too-real situations that lead to horrendous circumstances. BLACK RABBIT SUMMER (Chicken House, 2008) will not only meet, it will exceed their expectations.
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