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Wish House

Celia Rees' forthcoming WISH HOUSE is an interesting take on coming of age. Richard is 15 the summer he falls in love with the wild rebellious Clio, daughter of artist Jay Dalton. He meets her while on summer vacation. The grounds and house he and his pal Dylan used to explore is now occupied by various members of the Dalton family. As Clio and Richard's relationship grows more and more intense, so does its volubility. Richard is jealous of others who seek Clio's attention and uncomfortable with the collection of folk who appear at Wish House. Rees' novel deals with many firsts: first love, first intimate relationship, first betrayal and first death. The rich detail of the language adds a layer to this already tautly written story. References to painting techniques, works of art and literature, and other allusions deepen the texture making this novel an incredible read.

While waiting at the dentist this morning, I managed to nearly complete Anthony Horowitz's PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER TWO. I can see the appeal this book has to reluctant readers, especially of the male persuasion though as an adult I found the story a bit too predictable (thankfully).
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