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21 October 2008 @ 04:29 am
Neil Gaiman rocks  
So, on the drive for the past couple of days, I have been listening to audiobooks. Great company. I listened to Neil Gaiman's THE GRAVEYARD BOOK (HarperAudio, 2008) on the drive to and from Richardson. Loved this eerie, gothic story of a young boy, a toddler, who is the sole survivor of a murderer who kills his family. This toddler wanders out down the street from the house and escapes the Man Jack. He finds a home with a couple who reside in the graveyard. Thus, the toddler becomes Nobody (Bod for short) Owens. All of the residents of the cemetery keep watch on him, especially Silas, the only resident who can actually leave the graveyard and bring back food and other necessities for Bod. Bod grows from child to young boy under the watchful eye and experienced tutelage of Silas and the others. However, the Man Jack still lurks out there beyond the cemetery searching for Bod, preparing to complete the task he began years ago when he murdered the other members of Bod's family.

Gaiman narrates his own books and does a fabulous job with this one. Pacing, inflection, tone are all spot on. His voice is mesmerizing as narrator. This is not always the case when authors narrate their own work. Few can carry it off as ably as Gaiman (Gantos comes to mind with his narrations of the Joey Pigza books since I cannot think of another voice that could be Joey's). It would be all too easy for this audio to become melodramatic in the hands of someone less capable. Of course, driving in the dark was the PERFECT way to listen to this, too.

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