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cold in Texas

No, it is not cold weather-wise. I have a stinking cold and sore throat. (Pause for pity time) Apparently someone on the plane from Chicago to Houston felt compelled to play the role of plague spreader. No matter. I still managed to drive up to Richardson (Dallas area) and do a 7 hour workshop with scratchy voice and cough and the whole enchilada. Now, I have no voice left today (probably a good thing from hubby's standpoint since I am also tired and that makes me, well, rhymes with witchy). I have another 7 our thingie scheduled for Friday so we are making tea with lemon and honey and hoping voice returns by then. So, the reasons I have not posted are: 1) I have spent inordinate amount of time in car; 2) have been too miserable when not actually in car to post. Now, I am awake and coughing my fool head off at an ungodly hour, so I can catch up with posting and maybe do some more reading.

THE ARRIVAL, also by the talented Shaun Tan, was one of my favorite books from last year. Now, he follows up that incredible textless GN with this book (Arthur Levine, February 2009). Not only is he an accomplished artist who can say much with simple illustrations and muted color; he can write some seriously wonderful stories, too. This collection contains stories that are, in turn, funny, bittersweet, disturbing, enchanting, and so much more. While I flew through it on first reading, it is one of those books that bears another and another reading. I do think I will be sharing parts of it with kids when I go back to doing booktalks in the fall of 2009. Interestingly, there was a second cover when I went looking for it on Amazon. Here is the cover from the overseas edition. I still think I prefer the one for the American edition, but...

And now Scout is demanding to be released from his nightime lock up for some play and petting and food (though not in that order I assure you).
Tags: book covers, shaun tan
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