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18 October 2008 @ 01:21 pm
picture book mania  
After running a few errands, I am back home pawing through some picture books. Here are some of the ones that caught my eye.

John Lithgow's snappy rhyme about his two dogs is funny and fast-paced. Add some hilarious illustrations by Robert Neubecker, and this one is sure to be a winner for read aloud time. An accompanying CD features Lithgow singing the text.

Chalk is a city dog and Cheese is his mouse pal who lives in England. When Cheese comes for a visit, Chalk shows him all the sights. Cheese seems more excited about the hot nuts being sold on the street corner and the beetle he spies (it is actually a cockroach) in the subway. However, despite their differences, the two manage to have a good time. This book was a tad reminiscent of the city mouse and country mouse in some respects. However, there is more good humor and much of it resides in the personification of our two main characters. Chalk and Cheese is a British-ism for total opposites, BTW.

When Flinn visits the museum with his class, he learns there has been a robbery of one of the exhibits. Off he goes to discover who has absconded with the pirate treasure. Lots of snapping teeth and incredibly, busily detailed illustrations make this a book kids will want to pore over.
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