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all the different ways we read

So, after I landed in Houston late yesterday afternoon, I drove home and finished listening to this audio:

I had already read this novel, so this was, technically, a re-reading. However, I have been pondering some thoughts about audio for my next VOYA column (thankfully not due until the end of December). Some books, it seems to me, are better read first and then listened to. Others are fine just read and/or listened to. And then there are others that are best listened to and then read. Hope this makes some sense.

For LITTLE BROTHER, I think I am glad I read it first. Part of that has to do with the email aliases like m1k3y (Mikey) and w1n5ton (Winston). Some of it has to do with all the technical hacking information. I do think the audio handles all this nicely, though, but I wonder if some listeners will miss some important information. I thought the narrator did a fine job portraying Marcus as he moves from naive gamer to victim of an overzealous Homeland Security detail. The narrating is very even in terms of pacing and inflection for the first part of the book, mirroring Marcus' relative innocence. The pacing and inflections change as Marcus grows more upset and frightened about what is occurring to him and other innocent victims of terrorist attacks.

I still am ruminating about all this and am not sure I even have enough for a column yet. Just thinking out loud. And now, I need to nurse this lovely cold and sore throat since I have two all day workshops coming up this week.
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