professornana (professornana) wrote,

why I love Lisa Yee

(1) She has a fabulous blog that always makes me smile. (2)Peepy has had the good taste to pose with me (twice). (3) She gives terrific presentations that not only make me snort but also give me lots to contemplate. (4) Stanford Wong. (5) Millicent Min. (6) Emily Ebers. (7) How the three separate books still intersect the three lives of these characters effortlessly. (8) Her latest book is for her readers who are now a couple of years older and ready for YA characters who are also older. (9) My name is in the new book, talk about a surrealistic moment during my flight today when there was no one near for me to show it. (10) And now about the new book itself:

Maybe (whose real name is Maybelline after her mother's favorite brand of mascara) and Ted and Hollywood take off on a rather unplanned road trip to California. Hollywood is heading there in the Green Hornet (held together by duct tape and spit) to attend the USC film school. Maybe decides to tag along after a confrontation with her mother leaves her (Maybe) determined to find her birth father since he is not one of the 6 men her mother has married so far). California beings changes neither Ted nor Maybe could ever predict.

Lisa Yee's newest novel is a wonderful balance of humor (some snort out loud and some more subtle) and pathos. In some ways this is reminiscent of the work of Joan Bauer: this ability to take some of the sting away from the slings and arrows with some levity. Her characters could easily become caricatures, but their humanity prevents this from happening. I read the book cover to cover while flying from Houston to Chicago today and could not have asked for a better traveling companion. Thanks, Lisa, for offering us another tasty book (I wanted tacos so badly all day--you will have to read the book to see why).
Tags: humor, lisa yee, ya books
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