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I am in the middle of working on a speech I have to deliver in November (yes, thunderchikin, that one) and taking a break from time to time to watch THE DAILY SHOW and read the last few picture books. Here are my final two:

I am not often a fan of the celebrity books, but I think Robin Preiss Glasser's illustrations (she of the Fancy Nancy books) elevates this story a tad. Ruby has been invited to have tea with the Queen. Her parents and friends and teachers and even the people she meets on the street all offer her advice in how to behave appropriately. Books about manners are always welcome IMHO. I see appalling manners in some children (like the lovely one who sat next to me on the way back from Florida and whined the entire time). RUDE GIANTS may have a bit more humor, but the illustrations (especially the wonderful renditions of the "Q" in Queen) make this a perfect book to share with young girls.

Demi scores again in this beautifully illustrated book about a young girl who wants to draw a phoenix but somehow cannot capture its essence. Finally, a phoenix visits her and offers her some advice: she must learn all of the skills of the phoenix: wisdom, clear sight, equality, generosity, right judgment. Once she has mastered these, she is able to understand the heart and soul of the phoenix. Glorious illustrations in vivid reds and golds soar across the double page spreads.
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