professornana (professornana) wrote,

final books for today

Took a break for dinner and conversation with the residents of the back room and news (which, quite frankly, did not sit well after a lovely dinner). Here are the final two books from the goodie box.

Phil Bildner's story of a boy excited that he is finally old enough to participate in the annual family football game is funny and wonderful and warm, sort of like the Thanksgiving dinner the family gathers to eat each year. Illustrations by C E Payne combine Norman Rockwell with Lane Smith (trust me, you will see this immediately).

And finally, another pop-up!

This is intended as a companion book to ONE RED DOT and BLUE 2. Here, readers are asked to find the yellow square within the pop-up. The paper engineering is intricate and frenetic in its movement, hallmarks of Adler's other books.
Tags: pop-ups
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