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biographies of candidates

Two of the picture books were biographies of Clinton and Obama. I had seen the F and Gs for these at ALA and was pleased to receive the bound books at last.

Kathleen Krull's biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton begins with the childhood dreams of the former Presidential candidate. It follows her through school and college and grad school straight ot her run for the White House. It ends with a sentence that one day a woman will win the Presidency all because of every girl who longed to fly. Watercolor illustrations are mainly done in pastels, helping evoke the quiet tone of the book. Krull provides background information and a list of readings in an appendix.

Bryan Collier's illustrations married with Nikki Grimes' rhythmic text make the biography of Barack Obama a winner (could this be the shape of things to come???). Collier was just at the university conducting an art seminar for our department. He has also been a featured speaker at our book conference. His collage and watercolor combinations are highly effective in conveying powerful emotions. Grimes has two story lines here. One contains the highlights of Barack Obama's life; the other is a running commentary of a young boy and his mother watching Obama accept the nomination of his party.
Tags: presidential picture books
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