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07 October 2008 @ 03:15 pm
picture books for older audiences  
Working from home today. There was a loud thud on the porch after lunch indicating the arrival of some boxes. What a treasure trove, too. In addition to some audiobooks, there was a box of books from Simon and Schuster. They come to the house since we have had tons of trouble getting them to find me at the university. In any event, I took a little time to paw through them (with Scout's assistance of course). Here are a few of the gems.

Lyrical text with illustrations that are reminiscent of Chris Van Allsburg in their surrealism, this is a wonderful book to share with students as a starter discussion for word choice and other Six Traits.

Frm arachnophobia and agoraphobia to acrophobia and whereamiphobia, Little Mouse cringes on each page. Not only is this a terrific time to talk about fears, each page leaves space for readers to fill in their own fears. Illustrations are done mostly in black with a few splashes of color. Cut outs and differently shaped pages are all part of how the book extends beyond words and illustrations to capture the theme of the story.
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