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Pedro and the burbs

Back from Seattle and now sitting in yet another hotel room in Victoria, Texas, where I will do a YA workshop for area librarians tomorrow. I finished JAILBAIT on the plane ride home from Seattle. Leslea Newman explores some relatively new and rather dark territory in her latest YA, the story of a teen named Andi who becomes involved with an older man. Frank drives past Andi every afternoon as she plods home after school. Before long, Andi is curious enough to get into the car with Frank who drives her to an abandoned house. Andi is insecure and Frank feeds on her need for approval. Ultimately, their relationship becomes a physical one and one that is at the very least emotionally abusive. What I wonder is how teens are reacting to the book since it is set in the 70s? Does that somehow limit the audience appeal? Other than that reservation, I think this is a book that can contribute much to discussion about how self esteem is so crucial in the development of teens, especially teen girls.

So, where does Pedro fit in here? Gosh! A field nomination for the NAPOLEON DYNAMITE QUOTE BOOK has sent some scurrying to the DVD racks to watch this new cult favorite of teens. My own teens nagged me into watching ND. OK, I can see why they like it. Me? Not so much. But as a Quick Pick, this quote book is a no-brainer. I bought it at Pike Market in Seattle along with ND playing cards, magnets, and pins for the kids. As soon as I got home, the book disappeared and is making the rounds even as I write this. Electionbs are coming up and I might just be tempted to VOTE FOR PEDRO!

Off to read Shusterman's RED RIDER'S HOOD. Hotels are so conducive to reading!

BTW, I helped host Darren Shan this morning at a school where I do some work. The kids adored him. He was warm and genuine and incredibly patient with the kids. I took Corrie, my resident fan, out of school for the presentation. She was in hog heaven and could not wait to get back to class to impress her friends with her autographed books. This was just one more reminder of how powerful a tool an author visit can be.
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