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popping up to give a shout out to pop-ups

One of the projects I did when I was working on my doctorate was a history of the movable or pop-up book. Today's box-opening frenzy yielded two wonderful ones to add to my collection. From Roaring Brook Press (October 2008) comes this one:

Magnificent paper engineering brings to life the letters of the alphabet. This is one that goes up on the tall shelf away from grubby hands as the letters are pristine white. X morphs into Y, E to F. I and J share a dot at the top. O and P become Q and R with an overlay. I am in love and have already had to guard against its theft from someone who saw it on my desk.

The second pop-up debuts in December from Golden Books (and I still have a very soft spot in my heart for them since they were the first books I ever owned as a child). LUCKY NEW YEAR is a simpler pop-up with flaps and wheels. It tells of the celebration of Chinese New Year. This one goes to my friend Martha whose youngest granddaughter is from China.

Tags: golden books, pop-ups, roaring brook

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