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Yesterday morning we took to the air for a flight to West Palm Beach landing in time for an afternoon thunderstorm. As it turns out, rain is predicted for most of the week. Not a problem as I have plenty to read. I finished one book on the plane and will post about it once I get the OK (it is an ARC and I was asked to read it and give the publisher some feedback, so I want to be sure I can blog about it).

Today, I read this one:

What a fascinating premise for this book: 3-4 days each month, Jill changes into Jack. Her body grows and changes down to the genitalia. Jack lives in Jill's room, not permitted to stray outside for fear of discovery. Jill explains the absence by creating a mysterious illness that requires her to obtain medical treatment monthly.

Jack escapes one evening, intent on getting to Jill's friend's home. Jack thinks Ramie is a hottie. He shows up at her bedroom window, eventually gaining her confidence and entrance into her room. When Jill returns to her body, she has no memory of the event. However, Ramie does notice that the scar on her nameless paramour is the same as the one on Jill's chin.

This is a tough book. Jack is a hostilely aggressive and overly horny teen who garners little sympathy at the outset. (Maybe that is the female reader in me?) Jill seems to be the person who deserves the empathetic connection from the reader. It is a book that leaves me as confused as Jill: what is right, how should we feel, how can this life ever be lived in some sense of normalcy? Lots of questions and very few answers here. It should generate some interesting discussion.
Tags: sexuality, ya books
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