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long live rock

Flew into Seattle late in the week and drove to Spokane for a workshop Friday and then back to Seattle for a session Saturday and a day of waterlogged sightseeing today. When you live in a climate zone that has basically two seasons (hot and not as hot), it is wonderful to see trees changing color. Today was spectacular with fog and rain and clouds. It meant that not much reading got done except on the flight into Seattle.

Coming in the spring from the wonderfully funny Gordon Korman is BORN TO ROCK. Meet Leo Caraway, president of the Young Republicans Club of his high school and future Harvard student (full ride scholarship student to boot). Leo's idyllic life is about to take a serious wrong turn when he tries to help a fellow student pass an algebra exam. Leo is accused of cheating, drummed out of the Young Repubs, and stripped of his scholarship. He has nowhere to turn for help except to the man who is his biological father, King Maggot, the former lead singer of the punk band Purge. Fortuitously, Purge has reunited for a tour and Leo is able to connect with with Maggot. Suddenly, Leo is a roadie for the group and on the road with a freewheeling band of musicians whose behavior is less than Harvard material. However, if you know Korman, you know there will not be much predictable about this romp except for the laughs. BORN TO ROCK is Korman at the top of his form.
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