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more books for younger readers

Nonfiction for younger readers is always a welcome find. Here is YOU BLINK TWELVE TIMES A MINUTE AND OTHER FREAKY FACTS ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY by Barbara Seuling, Picture Window Books.

Want some fun facts? Here are ones I know Nat would love to relate over dinner:

In 2004, a British man emitted the world’s loudest burp

When the inventor of the Frisbee died, his ashes were molded into Frisbees

Tapeworms can grow to 32 feet

Here is a version of a popular nursery rhyme. However, since more and more preschool folks report that kids are coming to school without this knowledge, perhaps we need to share the original version first and then this one. HUMPTY DUMPTY CLIMBS AGAIN by Dave Horowitz, Putnam.

After Humpty is, fortunately, repaired, he sits around the house in his underwear too timid to go out of his own home. The king's horses and men make fun of him, much to his shame and embarrassment. Humpty flees and manages to make things right once more. I do love the image of HD climbing a rock face in his tidy whities.
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