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Back at the office today to check mail and see colleagues. Lots of Ike stories. Took a few minutes to read through some of the picture books that were waiting for me to open them.

SWORDS by Ben Boos, Candlewick Press

Think of this as a browsing book. Chapters give details on different types of swords: swords for kings and knights and ladies and ninas. You name it, you can find it here. The illustrations are finely detailed. Some appear photographic in their detail.

CINDERELLA: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Beth Bracken, Stone Arch Books

I often tell the Grimm's version of Cinderella when I booktalk to tweens and teens. This GN variant is the closest to the Grimm that I have seen. It is dark (as is the Grimm variant) with simple text accessible even to readers with limited proficiency. A glossary is included. Stone Arch is doing mighty interesting things with the GN format.
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