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There have been some rumblings in the comments section (and a few snarky and downright nasty ones at that which I have deleted) that I am writing too much about politics and not enough about books. I went back and did a tally and I wrote about 35 books in the last month. Political blogs: 5 (and two of them were rants about FEMA and not bashing you know who and I even counted the posting where there were books about McCain and Bush as political). I think the balance is OK. If you do not, cease reading folks.

In any event, I came back to the room this afternoon after listening to Christopher Paul Curtis speak and read the newest offering for tweens from Margie Palatini. I adore her picture books, and here is a novel perfect for those girls in 4th and 5th and 6th grade. GEEK CHIC: THE ZOEY ZONE (HarperCollins, 2008, on sale Monday)is perfection, sheer perfection.

I will upload the image later when LJ is behaving better. But here is the story of Zoey, almost 11, who yearns to be chic and cool but is a hopeless geek according to the Bashleys (two perfectly chic and coordinated classmates). Zoey does find fame in an odd series of events. What sets this book apart from many others is not just the humor of its author, someone who must channel 10 year olds in her spare time. Nope, what is so incredibly appealing here is the design of the book. The text, all its many fonts and sizes, sweeps across pages with inserts in printing and cursive lettering, drawings, side notes, lots of self-referential stuff from Zoey our narrator and too much more to try to explain. Just buy the book and spend a wonderful hour or so getting to know Zoey. You will love her, too.


Finally, I can upload stuff! And thanks for all the supportive comments about posts. I did delete the comments without response and do intend to post as I please.
Tags: harpercollins, margie palatini, tween books
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