professornana (professornana) wrote,

Friday Five

1. Salt Lake City is a beautiful town. If I remember to keep my cell phone handy when I walk over to the hotel where the institute is located, I will snap some of the scenery and post it later. Seeing the Great Salt Lake from the air was breathtaking. The local hosts here are warm and welcoming, too.

2. All is back to normal at home. The generator arrived and scout/hubby has been sending me reviews on the new purchase which he has tunked safely away without opening in the back closet. That should guarantee we do not need it for some time. Even Scout is returning to normal (well, Scout normal).

3. I return home tomorrow. I love travel, but it is always wonderful to pull up to the house and see Scout in the window and hubby coming down the steps to hug me.

4. I get to sit and listen to Chris Curtis at the lunch today. I know I will be sore from the laughter.

5. We had the chance to eat most of the lovely Alaskan seafood sent to me by my pal suzmet before the hurricane. So, here is a photo of Scout checking out the box when we opened it to find king crab legs (we ate those that evening and Nat decided that seafood was not all that bad) and halibut and salmon. YUM. Scout thought so, too, for he rubbed against the box for some time after it was all empty.

(Note: LJ is not allowing me to upload photos at this time. Will try later.)

Tags: friday five, salt lake city, scout
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