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is this for real? Caution: political content and a rant

I had a few minutes before I left the hotel this morning to head over to the Hilton in SLC for the ALSC Institute. I was not paying too much attention to the TV since I was loading up the laptop and handouts when I heard Whoopi Goldberg on the view talking about a fundraiser sponsored by some conservative groups (including Focus on the Family) that thought this was funny and not racist:

Are you kidding me? This is not funny. It is racist. And it is not a focus on any family to which I want membership. How simple it is these days to use derogatory language and call it humor. Palin's references to Obama clearing the waters and healing the earth was, IMHO, hardly worthy of someone who calls herself a Christian. Her sneering take on community organizers, ditto. And yet when folks skewer her for her lack of experience, it is sexist. Her unwed teen daughter is a choice and not, as some of the more conservative folks would label any other unwed mother, a sign that we are going to hell in a handbasket and need to return to traditional values and be better parents. Obama is criticized for his education, part of the elite label targeted against anyone, I guess, who has managed to get through a tough law school without daddy's money being a factor.

The internet ads from McCain last week that suggested that Obama had called Palin a pig were reprehensible. I saw the clips in their entirety (something the ads did not show). Shame on McCain for approving the ad. I think he (McCain) finally admitted that he did not think Obama had called Palin a name. Too late now. When Karl Rove complains about the tactics, you know Armageddon is near.

Rant over. Off to read a bit before bedtime. Tomorrow is another long day, but Chris Curtis is the lunch speaker and there is an evening reception at the SLC Public Library. Should be fun.

I sat in a session given by K.T. Horning, Jim Jacobs, and Marsha Broadway on books for children and tweens and young teens. I so enjoyed listening to others talk about books for 90 minutes. Now I have anotehr list of books to be read as soon as I can. There are over 200 here for the institute and more than 80 of them were in my session and the one on books I sat in: testament to what is important, I think.
Tags: books, dirty politics, mccain, obama, palin, reading
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