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We have power at home. See, order a generator and have it shipped overnight and power gets restored well ahead of the projection. I heard from my friend Lois in the Woodlands this morning that power came on at 4:30 am. She is busy happily doing laundry and making the shopping lists we will all have to replace all the fridge and freezer items we had to toss.

I feel so much less guilt now about being in the luxury of my hotel room. Light is just beginning to hit the mountains around downtown. It promises to be a beautiful day here in Salt Lake City. I am going to run through my presentation on motivating tweens to read and then hit the shower.

I did want to mention that I began reading THE KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO (Candlewick Press, 2008) last night and I am already hooked into the story. I wish I had some time today to read, but I think the next time will be on the flight home Saturday. And thanks to the lovely Sharon Hancock at Candlewick who emailed me during all this Ike fun with promises of care packages with book lights and even FEMA dart boards. Laughter was much needed during this time, and all of you provided that and so much more.

Hubby reported that Scout is bouncing back from Ike as well. He has been a tad discomfited by lack of power and noises and such. Here is a photo of him as a kitten curled up with his older sister. This is the last photo of the two of them at peace. Scout is the prototypical alpha male and bosses Rocky around shamelessly. Every once in a while she counters with a hiss and a thwack and makes him retreat (but not for long). This morning, Scout was enjoying Fiber One cereal with hubby...

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