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rainy days and airports

Well, I spent an extra 4 hours in the airport yesterday due to rain in the NY area, my destination. The good news is that gave me time to read, and read I did. I read PEEPS by Scott Westerfeld and, honestly, this guy is a major new voice in YA, folks. I already loved his Midnighters series and Uglies. PEEPS is a vampire story like no other. Peeps stands for parasite-positive. Cal is infected with a parasite for vampirism. However, he is a carrier and not a vampire per se. He works for a secret agency in NY that tracks down people who have been infected with this parasite. Cal has been busy tracking down all of his girlfriends who, he learns, have been infected. He has found all but the woman who infected him and is in the process of tracking her (if he could only remember her last name!). What works so well in this novel is that every other chapter opens with Cal describing a new parasite. Kids will adore the gross details. The novel itself is a quick read and absolutely absorbing. How do I know that? Hey, if I could read this in the airport concourse, it has to be.

Hurray for PEEPS!
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