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Utah has electricity!

Here I am in Salt Lake City having had a hot lunch, some hot Starbuck's coffee, and a hot shower. Life is so good right now. Amazing how the simple things can elevate the spirits. The flight took off on time, was not jammed full, and landed on time. I had the chance to finish two books, so I thought I would post before I possibly fall asleep. First I wanted to thank all of you again for the well wishes and kind words. All that good juju is working. Hubby managed to get gas and oil for the generator I ordered this morning. He has extension cords and all kinds of plans. Would it surprise you to learn he was a Scout in his youth? Secretly, I think he is enjoying at least some of this.

I read the new Graham Salisbury while waiting for the plane to take off. Salisbury offers a new series for young readers (2-4 graders according to the publishers) in CALVIN COCONUT: TROUBLE MAGNET (Wendy Lamb Books, March 2009). Calvin's father, a singer, changed the family's last name before he hit the road never to return, and Calvin does have to take more than his fair share of teasing. However, he does also have some good friends, all of whom are entering the 4th grade. Short chapters, fast paced action, quick intros to characters, and lots of threads to pick up and follow in subsequent books makes this one perfect for boys in 3rd and 4th grade. Cannot find a cover to show you, but it features Calvin toting a surfboard down the Hawaiian beachfront.

When I checked into the Marriott here, the clerk asked how close I was to Ike. I told him I was too close and he told me his sister lives in southwest Houston and is having FEMA problems. Really? Really? Seems they were promised FEMA reps would show up at the local town hall. After a 4 hour wait, no FEMA.

And on the FEMA rant: there is apparently a POD in Montgomery somewhere. Someone texted one of the residents of the back bedroom. How are folks supposed to know that 6 days later, there might be some help 15 miles from where we live????
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