professornana (professornana) wrote,

Ghost stories

Here is a dandy ghost story told in 5 separate but interrelated pieces. Based on a classic Edith Wharton short story, "Kerfol," a young Frenchwoman is accused of murdering her older and rather abusive husband. She insists that a pack of dogs had attacked him though there are no dogs living at Kerfol (mostly because the jealous hubby has strangled them all). The first story sets up the strange events and then allows time to pass so that readers can delve into how these events affect future owners, residents, and visitors to Kerfol. Each story has its own nice shiver as the dogs of Kerfol appear to exact revenge where needed. What a terrific way to begin a study of the short story. The teacher can read aloud the opening story and then ask students to select one other in the collection. Groups can be formed for discussion purposes. Maybe not. Maybe just use this as a read aloud to demonstrate to kids that short stories can be indeed 1) short and 2) suspenseful at the same time 3) comprehensible. Then, lead them to Poe.
Tags: collections, ghost tales, short stories, ya books

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