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Shakespeare meets his match

SHAKESPEARE FOR BEGINNERS will be most popular around here, I suspect. Natalie is finishing up TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD right now and so the Bard cannot be too far away in her reading schedule. With tons of sketches to underscore the approach readers should take to the text of Shakespeare's plays (relaxed), this simple to read book provides synopses of the plays and some of the poems by the Bard. Summaries are 1-2 pages followed by a few quotes from critics, some lines that are memorable (my kingdom for a horse from Richard for instance), and some fun facts about the play.

Feeder bans from Ike are still not approaching us. Cali and her fiance headed up to Huntsville for the duration. My family and friends from other states have checked in. The local TV stations are running 24 hour coverage which make me crazy, so I am opting for the PSYCH-a-thon as background noise and turning to the local channels every couple of hours to see the updates. At least it is nice to have the time to read.
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