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How to ditch your fairy

Charlie is a student at the prestigious New Avalon High School for Athletes. She has failed ot make the basketball team, but that is not the worst of her worries. Her personal fairy (everyone has one, it seems) is a parking fairy. It makes Charlie popular with people who want cushy parking spots, but at 14, it is not a fairy as cool as the ones other teens have. Her friend Ro has a shopping fairy, for instance, that makes it easy to find great bargains and beautiful clothes. Another of the teens at the school, most definitely NOT one of Charlie's friends, has a boys-fall-in-love-with-you-instantly fairy. Charlie would rather have any fairy besides her own, and she is trying to ditch her fairy. When the chance comes to swap fairies with someone else, she latches onto the opportunity. Be careful what you wish for....

Justine Larbalestier has written a witty and sharply observant book about teens, about school life (which in this school revolves around sports and demerits), about friendships, and all those other essential elements of teen life. This departure from her Magic or Madness trilogy demonstrates that she can write humor as well (and very well at that).

With the hurricane heading our way, I should have plenty to report on once the power is restored. The kids are freed from school; all events have been cancelled. So, we will sit around tomorrow, do some laundry (while we have power), read, eat all the good snacks and junk food put aside for hurricanes, and read some more.

I snagged my new userpic from someone else's blog this morning. Loving it!
Tags: fairies, hurricane, justine larbaslestier, ya books
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