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the waiting game

Be careful what you wish for. I was decrying lack of time to read and yesterday handed me two hours in the doctor's office and another 45 minutes at the pharmacy. The good news? I finished one book and made it almost half way through another. More good news? We think we know what is wrong with my blasted neck. I head for another MRI this afternoon and then tomorrow a treatment we hope will alleviate the pain and tingling. There is a distinct possibility I will finish one book today and perhaps make way through another tomorrow with all the waiting ahead. So, be careful about those wishes...

Here is the book I read yesterday.

I grabbed what I thought was a slim graphic novel (and there is a CD that comes with it) without paying much attention to anything. This book is from Zondervan. Had I seen that, I would have known more about what I had picked up. However, I plunged into the story of a rock group who uses that guise to hide their secret identities as super heroes. They will need their powers to fight a new enemy of alien invaders (who look like giant metallic lobsters) and a dark robed figure who shreds souls. Both villains are searching for The Chosen. P.O.D., the band, find her (The Chosen) and her voice, clear and pure along with their music, defeats the aliens. The Soul Shredder survives and readers are left with his threats of returning for more chaos (in another book ostensibly).

If you are not familiar with the publisher, Zondervan publishes Bibles and evangelical books. I have their New Testament for teen readers,a book that looks more like the latest issue of a teen magazine than a Bible. The residents of the back bedroom thought I looked cool but prefer their "normal" Bible as it does not have call out boxes and Q and A and the rest. And on the Zondervan home page, where I went to see if there were more books in this series projected, there was an announcement of a forthcoming book on Sarah Palin due out in October.

What this means for the P.O.D. book is that it is fairly didactic. I was wondering about the book's preachiness as I was reading it, still ignorant about the publisher. I wonder how teens will respond? This marketing is interesting. So is the story and its elements. I am afraid to put the CD into the computer as there is nothing accompanying it that tells me if it is the GN in video format or a CD of music or what. It simply has the book title and is marked software. Hmm....
Tags: graphic novels, pallin, religious books, zondervan
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