professornana (professornana) wrote,

Emmaline and the Bunny

Coming from Greenwillow in March of 2009 (which is why there is no cover to show you) is EMMALINE AND THE BUNNY. Think of it as a cautionary tale for adults with a different message for children. In Neatasapin, everything must be tidy. Babies wear alarms that sound when a diaper needs changing. Everything possible is covered in concrete so there can be little digging, splashing, or other messes. And, of course, the wild animals have been banished to some other place where they can continue their untidy ways. Emmaline, though, is not tidy, and she longs for a bunny so she will not be only or lonely anymore.

Katherine Hannigan, author of Ida B, offers a rhythmic story with lots of word play that will charm the very young audience for this book. For older readers (the book is labeled for 7-12 year olds), there is another layer to the story. There is yet another layer for the adult reader, I think. The very best children's books do just that.
Tags: children's books, emmaline and the bunny, new books
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