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speaking of banning books

Several of the listservs have been abuzz with the story about Palin's attempt to ban books. One list has asked us to suspend the discussion as it is political. YA THINK? Of course this is political. As Banned Books Week approaches, let's take this discussion on and make certain folks hear about what censors would have us remove.

ETA: I removed the list of books Palin had objected to from this post as it caused my comment box to be filled with some nasty comments. I copied the list from another blog that indicated it was from a TIME article. However, I just checked the article and there is no list. Even if there were, I suppose there would be people who would rationalize it away. How sad.

So, what is safe reading fare according to Palin, folks? I wonder if someone will ask her for book recommendations????
Tags: books, censorship, politics
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